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Case Study: Dona Tus Huesos

DonaTusHuesos is a website that was created by C42, a software development company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The website was created specifically for students of Medicine at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA), who were in need of bones for their studies and research. DonaTusHuesos allows these students to connect with potential donors and facilitate the donation of bones in a safe and legal manner. It is important to note that selling bones is illegal, and the purpose of DonaTusHuesos is solely for the donation of bones for educational and research purposes.


As part of their medical education, students at UBA are required to study and research various aspects of the human body, including bones. However, obtaining bones for these purposes can be difficult, as there are strict laws and regulations surrounding the sale and purchase of human remains. As a result, students often rely on donated bones, which can be difficult to come by.

To address this issue, C42 was approached by a group of students at UBA who were looking for a solution to help them connect with potential donors. The students had the idea of creating a website that would allow them to post requests for specific types of bones, and allow potential donors to respond and offer their bones for donation.

C42 saw the potential in this idea and decided to take on the project. They worked closely with the students to understand their needs and develop a solution that would meet their requirements.

Design and Development:

C42 began by conducting a thorough analysis of the students’ needs and requirements. They identified that the website needed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, as it would be used by students who may not have a lot of experience with web development. Additionally, the website needed to be secure and protect the privacy of both the students and the donors.

Based on this analysis, C42 developed a design for the website that would be simple and intuitive to use. They used a clean and modern layout, with clear calls to action and easy-to-use forms for posting and responding to requests.

The website was built using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with a backend powered by PHP and a MySQL database. This enabled C42 to create a dynamic and interactive website that would be easy to update and maintain.

The website was tested extensively during the development process to ensure that it was fully functional and user-friendly. C42 worked closely with the students to get their feedback and make any necessary adjustments.

Launch and Maintenance:

Once the website was completed, C42 launched DonaTusHuesos to the public. The website was well-received by the students at UBA, who appreciated the convenience and ease of use of the platform.

To ensure that the website remained up-to-date and fully functional, C42 provided ongoing maintenance and support. This included fixing any bugs that were discovered, adding new features and functionality as needed, and providing assistance to users if they encountered any issues.


DonaTusHuesos has been a successful project for C42, and has provided a valuable service to the students at UBA. By creating a user-friendly and secure platform for the donation of bones, C42 has helped these students to access the resources they need for their studies and research, while also ensuring that the process is legal and ethical . Overall, DonaTusHuesos has been a valuable asset for the medical community in Buenos Aires, and has helped to improve the quality of education and research at UBA.

In addition to its benefits for the students and medical community, DonaTusHuesos has also had a positive impact on the wider community. By providing a legal and ethical way for individuals to donate their bones, DonaTusHuesos has helped to reduce the demand for illegally obtained bones and contribute to the respectful and dignified treatment of human remains.

Overall, the creation of DonaTusHuesos has been a successful and impactful project for C42 and the Universidad de Buenos Aires. The website has provided a much-needed solution for the students and medical community, and has helped to improve the quality of education and research in the field of Medicine.

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