Company News , Case Study: Volans Maritime

Case Study: Volans Maritime

Client Background:

With over three and a half decades under their belt, Volans Maritime is an industry stalwart in the shipping and logistics sector. Their forte lies in the transportation of intricate break bulk and project cargoes, particularly between Europe and the Western coast of South America. Their strategic alliance in 2015 with NSC Holding, a Hamburg-based maritime giant, has further solidified their position, enabling them to launch over 70 monthly sailings and expand their fleet with 3 versatile multipurpose vessels.

The Challenge:

The brief presented to us by Volans Maritime was multifaceted. They needed a platform that would not only showcase their vast experience but also provide real-time vessel tracking for their global clientele. The goal was clear: to intertwine reliability with a user-centric interface, fostering seamless communication and efficient cargo tracking.

Our Solution:

WordPress, with its flexibility and robustness, emerged as the ideal CMS for this venture. Building upon that, we utilized Elementor for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, ensuring that future content updates by Volans Maritime would be hassle-free. The dynamic functionalities, like custom post types and queries, were made possible by the powerful plugins from Crocoblock. These tools allowed us to tailor the site to the client’s exact specifications and needs.

For the real-time tracking feature, we harnessed the power of REST-API. This ensured that the tracking data was always current, giving clients instantaneous updates on their shipments. Furthermore, with a PWA in place, clients could even access this data on the go, ensuring they’re always in the loop, regardless of device or location.

Lastly, our meticulous design approach made sure that every piece of information, from company insights to operational guidance, was easily accessible, offering users an informative and seamless browsing experience.

The Impact:

The synergy of WordPress, Elementor, Crocoblock, and REST-API transformed Volans Maritime’s digital presence. The real-time vessel tracking system embedded in the platform has been a game-changer, cementing the trust between Volans Maritime and its vast clientele. Moreover, the rich resources and curated content incorporated into the website have significantly elevated Volans Maritime’s brand value and market credibility. This endeavor stands as a beacon of our expertise at C42, where we blend innovation with practicality to deliver unparalleled web solutions.

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