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At C42.Studio, we had the honor of collaborating with Falabella Chile, a leader in the South American retail sector, on the ambitious project of developing their human resources portal, PortalF. We immersed ourselves in this challenge with a clear objective: to maintain the integrity and high standards of Falabella, while bringing our innovative and functional vision to the website. We worked closely with the Falabella team to create a portal that would become the heart of HR operations for their employees in Chile. Our mission was to design an intuitive and accessible interface, which not only facilitated human resource management but also resonated with the visual identity and values of Falabella. This project was a fusion of technical skills in web development and an empathetic understanding of Falabella's corporate needs, focusing on enriching each employee's experience with the portal, thereby optimizing human resource management in an efficient and approachable manner.

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Web Development

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