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In 2022, Globant, in their pursuit of showcasing the forthcoming advancements in technology for 2023, entrusted C42.Studio with the development of their 'Globant Sentinel Report: Sports Edition (FIFA)' website. Our primary objective was to create a digital platform that embodies the cutting-edge and forward-thinking nature of AI, quantum computing, robotics, and other emerging technologies, all within the context of the sports industry. This website has been meticulously designed to provide an immersive and enlightening online experience, offering insights into how these technologies will shape the year 2022, especially in relation to FIFA. We've placed a strong emphasis on user-friendly navigation and clear content presentation to ensure that visitors can effortlessly discover and engage with the valuable insights it offers.

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Web Development

Main Functionalities

Multilingual Website
Press Releases
Security Measures
Web Optimization

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RankMath SEO

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